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Cross-CMS Development. Possible or Not?

The Problem Web 2.0 has changed Internet. This is true fact. Moreover, Web 2.0 is still changing Internet. Dozens of new CMS appear each year. Some of them are successful (and even commercially successful). Some of them are not. Some … Continue reading

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Formatting Google News

Google provides news with images, titles, descriptions, etc. in form of RSS. But news descriptions go with ugly HTML and bunch of links that you probably do not want to see on your site. XsltDb is a good tool to … Continue reading

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Creating links with click counter

I know many cases when you need to create a smart or say rich link on a page. Rich links are links that can first execute some logics and than send user to desired location. What kind of logics can … Continue reading

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AJAX. Javascript Function, XML Service

If you have found a pretty good javascript control that requires data to be loaded from server asynchronously – XsltDb is something you’d appreciate. It provides a very simple way to load data asynchronously by javascript function or by providing … Continue reading

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Show a DotNetNuke Module In a Telerik Window

Live Demo: As I have shown in many tutorial XsltDb is a good tool to use with Telerik Controls. Now I going to demonstrate how to use XsltDb to put a DotNetNuke module in a Telerik RadWindow. The process … Continue reading

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DotNetNuke Menu Localization

If you are building a multilingual site you can use DotNetNuke localization interfaces to translate names, field labels etc. But what about your main menu? If you have in English Home | Services | Products | Contacts you may want … Continue reading

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Accessing DotNetNuke Tables

As you know, DotNetNuke Database objects are named with a prefix that you supply during install and also you can setup a specific owner for all tables, stored procedures and other objects. In DotNetNuke you can use macros {databaseOwner} and … Continue reading

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