DotNetNuke Menu Localization

If you are building a multilingual site you can use DotNetNuke localization interfaces to translate names, field labels etc. But what about your main menu? If you have in English

Home | Services | Products | Contacts

you may want to see these captions in other language also (Russian for me).

Главная | Услуги | Продукты | Контакты

And this is easy to do without any additional tools. Open the following file


( in my case) And find a position of system menu items, something like this:

<data name="//Admin.String" xml:space="preserve">

Here you can see a tab path and translated name. It is natural to suppose that DotNetNuke doesn’t make difference between system and custom menu items and it really doesn’t!!! You can just create another translations for the Home, Services etc. menu items:

<data name="//Home.String" xml:space="preserve">
<data name="//Services.String" xml:space="preserve">
<data name="//Products.String" xml:space="preserve">
<data name="//Contacts.String" xml:space="preserve">

And DotNetNuke read it immediately!


  • This localization is applied to every portal of your DNN installation
  • Tab paths (e.g. //Products) are case sensitive in resx files

Here is the sample:

Also review XsltDb Localization sample:


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One Response to DotNetNuke Menu Localization

  1. Don Boulton says:

    Google translation with Telerik Menus provide full translations for any site, see how it works at Love the XsltDb Module and use it for Ratings and Comments on Mansbooks contact page,
    Soon full window surfing of all modules with Telerik Windows and XsltDb.

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